Friday, June 24, 2011

I Remember ... Walking to the Vatican

This is where I started wearing down ... the heat, the long walk, the need to refuel = I need dinner! But we had the desire to stick with our plan. We knew the Vatican would be included in our Trafalgar tour but we wanted to get a "taste and see" of the area on our own.
Vatican City is a small independent country of approximately 100 acres. It is the religious capital of more than a billion Roman Catholics. It even has its own postal system and armed guards. There are two main sights: St. Peter's Basilica and the Vatican Museum with the Sistine Chapel.
On this day we just spent time taking pictures in St. Peter's Square. Saturday we were scheduled to return with our group for a full tour. It was amazing to look up at all the grandeur. Here are a few photos from our visit:
Vatican City with a river view

Taking a little break ... hot and tired : (

We made it to St. Peter's Square

Incredible view!
After a long walk back to our hotel ... it's time to head out for our first dining experience in Roma on our own.

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