Monday, June 27, 2011

I Remember ... Dinner on a Sorrento Farm

When we returned from Positano we had a short time to get ready for our second optional excursion of the day, a traditional Neapolitan evening, dining at a countryside 18th century Olive Oil mill. Since the roads were so narrow our bus had to drop us off and we walked the remaining way. Our host family took us on a tour of the gardens, the mill and an ancient wine cellar.

We enjoyed a demonstration on Mozzarella cheese making and then had the opportunity to make pizza and sample the wine and Limoncello.
This was a beautiful place to watch the sunset and even got to celebrate Barb's birthday. It was a great group bonding experience. However, we were pretty giddy when we left. I don't think it's a good idea to mix wine and limoncello in one dining experience! We had to walk to the bus and we were pretty loud!
This was a full day and we arrived back late. Walt sat out on the patio in the warm breezes and found an internet connection. He emailed everyone and then called Tim on his iPhone and enjoyed a nice conversation until late in to the night. So many experiences in one day!!!

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