Thursday, June 23, 2011

I Remember ... Rome, Love At First Sight

People have often asked me why I had such a desire to tour Italy. It all began when I read Pat Conroy's, Beach Music. While reading it you could almost feel, touch and taste the culture ... it made you want to experience it first-hand.
So after a refreshing nap, we put on cooler clothes and comfortable shoes and headed out to the streets. We were within blocks to most of the tourist "must-see" attractions. I loved walking the narrow cobblestone streets, scooters side-by-side like dominoes, the aroma of fresh baked breads, people dining outside cafes ... everything was so alive! And as dusk settled over the city ... it was warm and beautiful!
Our first stop was Trevi Fountain. This huge fountain is the world's most spectacular wishing well. If you throw a coin, perhaps this fountain is your ticket back! It was packed and it was fun to soak in the atmosphere and people watch.
We walked over to the Pantheon. Since Walt studied architecture in college he was overwhelmed by the design of this ancient temple.
Nothing says you're in Rome like Piazza Navona. We arrive to a plaza filled with much activity ... artists painting, a beautiful fountain, entertainment and crowded streets ...much like a centuries-old carnival.

So much changed in thirty-six hours and so much yet to see. We were starting to feel at home and the fatigue was lifting.

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