Tuesday, June 28, 2011

I Remember ... Dining at the Lemon Farm

We were bussed back to Hotel Johanna Park and after freshening up we re-boarded our bus for our dining experience at a local lemon farm. We had to stop at the bottom of the hill and be shuttled up to the farm because our bus was too big for the road. If I remember correctly, the shuttle could only take about seven passengers at a time so it took a while to transport everyone. I remember it as quite a WILD ride!
Dining with the local people has been one of the highlights of our trip. Some speak very little English but somehow we communicate. One of the younger family members spoke English and we had a long talk about life in Italy and her family.
The food was different ... mostly local produce. It was very tasty until I noticed a purplish object on Walt's plate that had suckers on it ... YIKES, octopus! Can you spot it in the picture on the right??? After that I stuck with a very delicious marinated carrot salad.

This evening we celebrated The Guido's anniversary. It seemed like each family has something to celebrate on this trip. It's fun to be a part of special occasions within the group!

The farm was beautiful, filled with lemon trees. One thing we have noticed while in Italy is how they plant produce, such as tomatoes right in with the landscape. We brought this idea back with us and have tried to do this more and more in our flowerbeds.
It was fun to enjoy another beautiful sunset in such a peaceful environment.
I was beat when we returned to our hotel but Walt was loving the free wireless connection and sat out on the warm patio until after midnight. He got to Skype with Tim. He said it was so good to hear his voice. It made me homesick for our kids! Sorry I missed that opportunity but I really needed my beauty sleep : )

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Melney said...

I am enjoying your trip to Italy. It almost feels like I am there with you. You paint great word pictures. Look forward to the rest of the trip.