Thursday, June 30, 2011

I Remember ... Ravenna

On the mornings we traveled Telly posted the day's itinerary. On this day we enjoyed a morning ride through the Apennines to the Adriatic Coast and the Roman town of Ravenna with its ancient mosaics and Byzantine architecture and treasures from that time period. We visited the Church of St. Apollinaris in Classe and dined at a cafe nearby. Our usual lunch fare is stopping at the Auto Grill for a sandwich. We enjoyed a nice pasta meal in Ravenna. A nice change!

One of the highlights of this visit was stopping while Telly told us about the history of a statue nearby. While she was talking church bells were ringing and I wanted to record the sound with my iPhone ... I thought it would be a nice memory when we were back home. While recording, Telly explained that men did not have hair on their bodies during that time period. Jan was standing behind me not realizing I was recording and said in her cute Aussie accent, "Karen, Look up under his skirt and check" When I stated I was recording, not just taking a picture, we all started laughing! A great tour memory!

Before boarding the bus for our trip to Venice, Walt ran over and captured some great shots of nearby sunflower fields ... love all the pictures he took! Fortunately he took these, as it was the only photo opportunity of this kind for the remainder of our tour.

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Cady said...

My name is Cady Crosby, I'm 14 years old and working on a book that mentions the Church of Saint Apollinaris. I'd like to include your picture if that would be ok with you. May I please have permission? Thank you. God bless.